What is Kuorux and how does it work?

Kuorux is an intelligent feeding system, adapted to our times, monitored and protected, in a personalized way, and applied to the achievement of a goal, defined by the user with the advice of our experts in sports nutrition.

The system is based on two pillars, basically: Nutrition guidelines according to the objective to be achieved, and personalized follow-up 24.7 (24 hours a day and 7 days a week).

The sedentary life and the lack of exercise, the bad habits of feeding, the lack of time and the high prices of the nutritionists, are some of the reasons that make of Kuorux a useful and necessary tool.

The operation of Kuorux is really simple and intuitive:

- The user chooses a goal, such as weight loss, weight maintenance or increase in muscle mass.
- Kuorux assigns him a feeding system based on that objective and his personal characteristics, such as age, sex, height, etc.
- From here comes the Follow-up 24.7 action, through which Kuorux is in permanent contact with the user. This one inserts in the application a photo of each one of the meals that it realizes throughout the day, including the weekends, and Kuorux responds decreeing if that food is correct or not, and with the corresponding indications, if they were necessary.

The Follow-up 24.7 offers the possibility of communicating with Kuorux through various means, according to the contracted plan. These are, the app's own chat, comments on photo uploads and Kuorux decrees, emails and voice calls at certain times.

Finally, the Follow-up 24.7 will ask the user to upload photos in certain phases of the process, in order to verify the degree of compliance with the objective. In this way, the user can see their physical evolution. In addition, you will have various progress graphs.

It is the personalized nature of Follow-up 24.7, without a doubt, the key to its success and the fact that it differentiates itself from other systems. We all know that conventional nutritionists who receive us in their consultations, give us some feeding guidelines, without further monitoring until the next consultation, after a few weeks or months.

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